Other Projects

Here are a few Projects that I really like the tonality of my basses, accessories and amps on.

I really like the tonality of my EMG loaded, Devon AAC Jazz 5 on “Good Morning” onRob Mercer’s, “A Brother’s Worship”. I also liked the airiness of my Alvarez, Fusion 5, Acoustic Electric on “Holy God”. – Both recorded on 2 tracks. A clean direct signal from the D.I. on my Trace Elliot 1210 combo. There was also a Shure SM57 dropped down in front of one of the 10”s. For the Acoustic track, we rolled off the SM57.

I used my Ash/Maple, Devon Jazz 5 on just about every track on the Mount Calvary Mass Choir, Lanham, MD, “No Other Name”, Live CD. I used my Fender Marcus Miller V on some of the more traditional sounding Gospel tracks. The Miller is stock. The Devon has Bartolini J5 pickups and a Demeter 3 band preamp. To avoid amp bleed through for the live choir and drums, I ran direct through my Sans Amp, Bass Driver and Aphex Punch Factory. My fave tracks are, “A Word From You” and “This Is My Prayer” and Ronnie’s vocals on, “God’s Love Lifted Me”.


There is some mute play on Maureen Freshour’s, “Be Love”. I used my Miller V with both pickups and preamp EQ’s wide open. There is a Vocal/Bass duet of Margeret Becker’s, “Say The Name”. I originally recorded a version of this for RED Music Book. On my version I used a LakLand Darryl Jones 5 string bass going through an Aphex. On Maureen’s version, I am using my Ash/Maple Devon Jazz 5 through my Sans Amp with some delay provided by the engineer.


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